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Bulgarian cask - super cask



Bulgarian cask is a logical puzzle for kids and people
from 7 to 77 years of age. It consists of 16 sectors in 8 colors and a body of 2 halves rotating at  180°. The sectors can rotate at 360º in the upper and lower body halves. The  sector arrangement always starts with the colors of the national flag of Bulgaria – white, green and red. We recommend you before shopping to click on Shops in Bulgaria and open Quantity discounts after you click on the image.The number 1;2;3;4 and 5 are single, while 6;12;24;36;48 and 60 are the number in a package and they should be exact!                                           

Created and made in Bulgaria. Choose the Bulgarian product !!!


Price: 14.00лв.
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 The puzzle Bulgarian cask is created by eng. Petyo Petkov to develop the logical skills, memory and imagination of the kids and people  from 7 to 77 years of age. It is produced by PETKO 5 LTD -Varna, with materials of famous, world-known companies. The details are made in a wide variety of bright, attractive, pearl colors. The puzzle is called Bulgarian cask ®, and the sector arrangement always begins with the colors of the national flag of Bulgaria – white, green, red. The algorythm is very easy to memorize - only 2 text pages. The total number of permutations is 20,9 × 1012, and the final arrangements –40,320. Exactly these 40,320 make every solution unique and require creative thinking. The time needed for 1 solution is 10-15 min as before every step the person should think profoundly. The main purpose is to help kids think creatively. The final result depends not that much on the dexterity but the INTELECTUAL level!  

Everi bright kid deserves a bright puzzle. What about yours?

by Гост, 07 Oct 2011


Quantity Price
1 14.00лв.
2 13.50лв.
3 13.50лв.
4 13.00лв.
5 12.50лв.
6 12.50лв.
12 12.00лв.
24 12.00лв.
36 12.00лв.
48 12.00лв.
60 12.00лв.



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Bulgarian cask - super cask

Bulgarian cask - super cask

Price: 14.00лв.


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